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I often say that art is my religion. I say this because it fills, for me, it is a basic necessity that religion supplies for others. Art is my comforter, my muse, and my redeemer. I would be lost without her. With my work, I invite people to peer into other worlds they may not see in their day to day lives--metaworlds, that exist within their own space. I am driven to create. It is my purpose to evoke the innate curiosity that we as human beings are all endowed, but sometimes forget we possess. I am a storyteller. A dreamer. A seer. I am an oracle that reveals what is and what could be.

I always enjoy a challenge, so working with new mediums is always a good way to keep my mind nimble and my work fresh and innovative. At the moment, I am working in acrylic wash. It’s a welcome change from digital painting. There is no “control ‘z’” to correct any ‘wrong turns’ I might take when working on a piece. This forces mindful awareness; of myself, of the brush in my hand and of the cat that is trying to walk onto my drawing board and lay down for a nap. Challenge is necessary for growth. It is nurturing, invigorating and I welcome it.

As an artist and a human being, I find myself constantly trying to fill in the gaps. I draw deep inspiration from the great mysteries of our universe, my own dreamscapes and from fellow artist/innovators; Arthur Adams, Rodney Matthews, Cam Kennedy and Gary Gianni. I posit my own theories; hoping to offer some kind of explanation--or at the very least some interesting things to look at.

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