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Short of being born with pencil in hand, Artist Gary Bedell has spent the majority of his 35 years engineering worlds with boundless imagination. Gary’s creations are both frightful and majestic, and he entices us, like a stranger with candy, to step closer and peer through the lens of his mind’s eye.

A consummate artist, Gary is just as adept with canvas as he is with a drawing tablet. His versatility has become his calling card as he moves fluidly between the worlds of design and his true passion, illustration. With well over a decade’s worth of professional experience, Gary has collaborated with commercial leviathans such as General Mills, Nickelodeon, Disney, Fantasy Flight Games and ActiVision. He has also teamed up with numerous independent artists, and has been featured the in prestigious I Am 8bit Gallery in Los Angeles. His digital illustrations have been showcased in major publications, including Cereal Geek Magazine, Advanced Photoshop Magazine and Realtor Magazine.  Although he possess the ability to work in many different styles and methods, there is an essence about his work that is distinctly his own. Down to his artist’s signature, there is an immutable integrity to his work that makes people say, “I always know a ‘Bedell’ creation when I see one.”  

Gary continues to venture into new and exciting territories, using sculpture and writing and illustrating his own stories to create new realms where none existed before and pushing limits of the ones that do--doing this all with his vivid and unmistakable originality.

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